Italian Club of St. Louis
Celebrating our Italian heritage
and culture since 1922.

About Us

The Italian Club of St. Louis is an organization of men and women from every walk of life, distinguished by their pride in their Italian descent and united with a love of Italy and the desire to know as much as possible about the land of their origin and its language, culture, history, and traditions.

The major purpose of the Italian Club is to promote knowledge and interest in Italian and Italian-American matters and affairs, particularly language, culture and history.  Since its founding in 1922, the Club has been unique among Italian organizations in St. Louis in its focus and emphasis on the culture of Italy.  

Another objective of the Club is to recognize and honor those individuals who have distinguished themselves through their service to the Italian American community of the St. Louis area. In addition, the Club awards scholarships to area students for their excellence in Italian language or literature. 

The Club holds monthly dinner meetings, each including a formal presentation on broadly ranging topics but each specifically related to the subject of Italy.  Meetings are conducted in English, although there is ample opportunity at every meeting for an individual to use his or her knowledge of the Italian language, whether basic or advanced, as much as desired because of the many members fluent in Italian.